Sunday, November 25, 2018

The hyperbole and irony of old Lucas kranach-extra large canvas art work

Extra large canvas art work -Born in the small German town of Franconie in 1472
In 1504, at the call of elector friedrich iii of Saxony,Oversized Canvas Art he came to wittenburg the following year to work as a court painter1553 Weimar died.
Lucas Cranach l 'ancien senior was a German Renaissance painter who painted portraits,Black and White Wall Art religious paintings, landscapes, etc.
He is also a printmaker and is good at etching prints.
The elder kranach had long served the holy spirit as elector of the Roman empire, earning fame and fortune.
Early style is reflected in the performance of the picture, relatively speaking, "bold and profound";
Mature period has the shadow of pretense, created many mythic themes of painting;
Later,Contemporary Canvas it converges: becomes fine, but appears abstract in image.EXTRA LARGE 72″ HORIZONTAL ACRYLIC PAINTING ON CANVAS

In addition, due to the large number of customers, kranach sr. had to open a workshop.Extra large canvas art work-In 1504, he was invited to wittenburg, Germany, to serve the elector of Saxony, friedrich iii.
This man was called elector of Frederick the wise, and patron and protector of durer.
At this time, the old kranach gradually abandoned the young "frivolous" style, tends to smooth, but also become more pleasing, composition is also simple and powerful.
In recognition of his skill as an elector of the Roman empire, the elder kranahl served three holy gods in his lifetime: friedrich iii, John le guenstaeden, and John friedrich I.
He became mayor in 1537 and 1540.
His characters are often exaggerated, ironic expression, the figure is not tall, the woman is particularly petite.
The hero of his portrait is always endowed with a sense of dignity and a light of wisdom.
In the paintings with characters, his composition is also very bold. Compared with the size of the painting, the proportion of the characters is "out of balance". Different from other artists, his characters occupy a large picture, justlike "giants".
Facing the audience is the Venus goddess wrapped in transparent gauze. Different from the expression of ancient Greek deities, Venus depicted by the elder kranach has a petite and exquisite body, ordinary and harmonious features andother accessories.Like his colleagues, he was influenced by Italian pretentivism. When interpreting Venus, he regarded her graceful body as a kind of beauty: the beauty of the body, as well as the moral beauty.
Porcelain skin white and bright, this time just show the essence of god, the United States is sacred, but also illusory.
Wide red hat is like the pen that nods eyeball, sublimate the beauty of Venus, inside collect and delicate and colourful;
Red is the complementary color of green, and also makes the head of Venus stand out from the background.

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