Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Want to add a high touch to your home?

Try these "frame" tips
We can always see the existence of "frame painting" in each space, which is often used as a visual focus to adorn the space with special color.Extra large canvas artwork.
But frame painting is not just about choosing to look good, it is also closely related to many design tips, and also needs to be coordinated with various factors.
Seemingly random mix-and-match, often hidden full of careful machine.
We'll talk about these tips in this issue.

Part 1 · pay attention to coordination with the environment

In the neolithic age, decorative patterns on colored pottery, such as animal, human and geometric patterns, were the original origins of "decorative painting".
It does not need high artistic quality, so now we can see all kinds of decorative paintings in various occasions, but it pays great attention to the harmony with the environment.
Accordingly besides choose the frame that admire in the heart outside, the style of the picture wants to match with decorate and main body household style photograph even.
The adornment picture that resembles green plant kind is put in this kind of home outfit style of black and white effect can have very good adornment effect.
In addition to the correspondence with the environment, there should also be a correlation between the painting and the painting. Do not use some particularly bright colors and several completely different paintings.

Part 2· color system contrasts with the environment

To the room of white department, frame picture chooses what color department is good.
For rooms with warm and cool tones, if you want to make frame painting a visual center, you can choose paintings with opposite tones.
It is able to compare more intense on hue and purity, adjust bedroom atmosphere, make the finishing work of the space.

For instance room is warm color is moved, so the picture chooses cool color to fasten, the room that cool color moves chooses warm color to fasten frame picture.
Dark gray walls like the one below tend to appear dark and heavy, while pink is more attractive in these frames.

Look from seasonal factor, the picture is in the home adjustment temperature is very good adornment.
Winter suits warm color, summer suits cool color, spring suits green, autumn suits yellow orange, the premise that this kind of change nevertheless is the room is white or the light color that is close to white is fastened.

Part 3 · pay attention to size and focus on priority

In the case of not only a frame painting, if you just put your favorite photo on the wall in the same size, it will show a stereotyped and boring feeling, and the quantity will cause visual confusion.

You can use the size of the frame to represent the primary and secondary, and choose a favorite frame painting as the focus, which is larger than the other frames.

At the same time the dimension of the picture wants to decide according to the size of room feature and main body furniture, for instance in the sitting room, the height of the picture is in 50 to 80 centimeters advisable.

Length should be decided according to the length of metope or main body furniture, should not be less than main body furniture generally 2/3, for example sofa is long 2 meters, draw integral length should be in 1.4 meters left and right sides.

Part 4 · order in chaos, select an alignment line/Extra large canvas artwork

The picture frame of same size, according to the simplest nine palace case is placed ok.
If you use frames of different sizes and want to create a sense of order in chaos, at least have an alignment line that keeps all frames equally spaced.

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