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The reason why simple abstract oil painting art is widely preferred

The reason why simple abstract oil painting art is widely preferred

Abstract decorative painting is well known. Simple abstraction is not only harmonious with the whole decoration, but also a simple and generous expression. No vulgar abstract decorative hanging painting has become the first choice of families. In the world, abstraction mainly tells about an internal artistic conception, which is essentially an abstract artistic conception decoration key lies in the newly created artistic conception decorative beauty.

  Contemporary Oil Painting Wall Art
  Contemporary Oil Painting Wall Art

Abstract painting is based on intuition and imagination as the starting point of creation, excluding any symbolic, literary, illustrative means of expression, only to shape and color to be integrated, organized on the screen. Therefore, the pure form of abstract painting is similar to music. Color plays a very prominent role in form. It is also more suitable for the consumption level of modern people.

The composition of oil painting artistic language is nothing more than two basic factors: shape and color. Compared with other kinds of paintings, oil painting has the characteristics of bright color, wide color gamut and strong expressive force. For large oil painting wall art, color has a very prominent position in form. The expressive force of oil painting color mainly depends on the visual effect of the overall tone of the picture. Therefore, tone processing is the key to oil painting color processing. The success or failure of an oil painting depends largely on the artist's tone treatment of the picture. Tone plays a more prominent role in abstract oil painting.

Abstract art adds a spiritual added value - Anti-mainstream edge identity, which also adds the vanguard features of abstract art. For this period of abstract painting, art critic Yi Ying's point of view is, "No matter from which point of view, abstract art is not an art problem.

 3 Panel Abstract Oil Painting Wall Art
 3 Panel Abstract Oil Painting Wall Art

Modern concise abstract art is not only a simple representation that we can see, but also more suitable for contemporary people's aesthetics, and can give people a wonderful feeling. Simple surface is different from other people's appreciation of decorative hangings. Our decorative paintings are a kind of silent beauty. Pure hand-painted simple abstract oil painting is more able to reflect the beauty of artistic conception, of course, its value is what we can imagine is a more suitable level of consumption for modern people.

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Thursday, February 7, 2019

House Decoration and Oil Piece of art

Whether the designer or even the master of typically the house, it is not necessarily an easy task to add several ornamental Extra Large Canvas Art Cheap paintings towards the newly embellished room, that may not only reflect the decorated style, but also show the particular owner's taste. Decorative piece of art as a household decoration is not necessary, but when not combined properly, that will greatly affect the whole decoration.

The a harmonious relationship of attractive design style and internal.

Nowadays, right now there are many varieties of Abstract Painting Online Custom decorative paintings out there, these   types   of as craft paintings, installation paintings, traditional Chinese language art, hand-painted oil art etc. These decorative works of art enjoy an essential role in internal decoration, but we feel that the most trendy decorative paintings that can best reflect the identity of guests must be hand-painted.

First of all, whether that is popular paintings, photo taking works or any pictures a person can find, can be made into Handmade Abstract Painting Cheap; secondly, hand-painted oil works of art could be made into virtually any size you desire according to be able to your needs; in addition, hand-painted oil paintings can even be customized according to your current value orientation, high-quality essential oil paintings in accordance with your personality, or choose customization, of which is, decorative. Fashion oil paintings with high-quality in addition to low price. Modern decorative design of room furnishings, mainly Western-style oil painting, gouache, photography, landscape piece of art and other decorations. Because presently there is no fixed routine and relatively free regulations for the display of such works of art, several regulations has to be noticed in the decoration of olive oil painting art, or right now there will be errors that blindly copying others plus so that it is look foolish.

Principle 1. When hanging Large Modern Canvas Art olive oil paintings, the height associated with the hanging paintings need to be adjusted in line with the elevation of the living room. It is important to change the height of the hanging art in line with the light current condition of typically the living room. Since the oil paintings are very simple to indicate light, if straight dealing with the positive light supply, it will eventually affect the angle of the style. Within buy to achieve a better visible effect, the leading and higher side light is employed to help make the light source at the particular postponement, interruption regular with the light source painted.

Rule 2. Hang painting elevation from the ground just one. 5-1. 8 M is usually appropriate. There is the golden section to decide the height from the piece of art. The central position associated with the oil painting is usually 0. 618 of typically the wall height on this specific golden section point. Due to the fact hanging too low is not really conducive to the security and appreciation of typically the picture, hanging too high, so the viewers look up, the picture will create perspective distortion.

Principle three or more. If you want to be able to hang quite a few of essential Extra Large Black and White Art oil paintings, you should think about the distance between painting as well as the painting, and you need to avoid secrecy. Oil art with the same photo should have the similar spacing, nonetheless they should not be set up and strung regularly. There is a certain perception of dislocation, which makes the complete picture have a very alter of light, weight in addition to warmth. For works along with inconsistent pictures, attention should be paid to the particular neatness of the base and the consistency regarding the tilt of typically the picture. Large paintings need to have some room range for long-distance gratitude.

Principle 4. Oil paintings really should not be displayed in glass frames. Although glass is useful for guarding the picture, it is simpler for glass to reflect light and affect the particular viewing effect. When suspending, there ought to be no hanging rope to show the picture frame, of which is, the so-called dark hanging, which is distinctive from the hanging of the picture works.

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Abstract Oil Painting Decorative Painting Highlights Decorative Value

With the exchange and integration of Chinese and Western cultures, the sense of space and different artistic appeal of Great Big Canvas paintings are gradually recognized by us. Then more and more people regard Large Abstract Paintings as the best choice of family decoration painting. Moreover, abstract decorative paintings in large and high-class restaurants have always been the first choice of decorative paintings. The decorative works of abstract oil paintings have a strong artistic sense. They are absolutely excellent works in decorative paintings and have the potential of appreciation.

The artistic aesthetic level of Extra Large Abstract Canvas Art is higher than that of decorative painting. Even if the function of art, maybe one is metaphysical, the other is metaphysical. But nothing is so absolute. There are also a large number of metaphysical decorative paintings. Metaphysical or Large Abstract Art can also be used for decoration or home decoration, and home decoration or decoration can also be very elegant works of art. It was assumed that almost all abstract paintings could be used as decorative paintings. The so-called radish and vegetables, each has its own love. Only radish and green vegetables, although not allowed to enter the abstract painting, but it can get the "abstract" right with its point, line and surface. Once abstracted, it can also be decorated, not to mention the specific radish and green vegetables for decoration? As for decorative paintings, numerous of them belong to abstract paintings and are well known. In fact, decoration can also be one of the purposes and functions of abstract painting.

Here I want to point out that when abstract paintings are used as decorative paintings, you can absolutely not bother to understand the meaning or meaning of abstraction. You just hang there or put it there or draw it there. Five stars, seven stars, buildings, halls or elegant dwellings are indispensable. Better not to know than to know. Do you have to understand what it means? Is there any mystery ?

So strange logic appears: not knowing is the value of abstract painting or abstract painting style, but also the subtle highlights or excellence of home furnishings. If it is the so-called modern decorative style, of course, it is a unity of harmony and harmony. Inevitably, Gao Peng vulgar inquiries, can mysteriously laugh at it. Originally, abstract paintings are not clear. Poetry can not be interpreted. In fact, paintings are even more difficult to interpret. Why? There are paintings in poetry and poems in paintings. Especially abstract paintings and poems.

Perhaps it is precisely because abstract painting does not understand, it has become the main reason for the preferred decorative painting. In the past, people had no condition to put decorative paintings in their homes, because the houses were a little shabby or the social and cultural conditions were not relaxed enough. Later on, silent, in the dark, home furnishings and even engineering decoration, office decoration and so on, all of a sudden, an abstract wind. The reason is quite interesting. Because, this wind is too strong, north and south, inside and outside the Great Wall, upstairs and downstairs, villas and apartments, everyone knows that decorative paintings choose Abstract paintings, which is the most obvious effect. Whether he is a master or a minor master, he is original or imitative. The main reason is that it enhances the quality of living and working environment and space, and also enhances the master's quality. There is also an indescribable mystery and oceanic atmosphere, a kind of comfortable atmosphere and image which can expand people's thoughts and emotions with a bit of anomaly, and then let you feel, even infected with the body and mind.

Also, abstract paintings are used as decorative paintings, especially with modern style home furnishings, to harmonize with them. When home furnishings move towards unique personality and European style, the decorative paintings of abstract painting or abstract painting style will naturally show their magic power and great use. Perhaps some people will say, if the characteristics of home decoration style is traditional? What if it is the local atmosphere close to folk customs? That is to say, he still shows a strong preference for Du Fu elements or grass Hall elements in his home decoration. Is it not that the decorative paintings of abstract painting or abstract painting style can not be used?

In my opinion, there is no need to worry. With a little post-modern collage, this problem can be solved. Moreover, the problem will be solved by replacing the abstract frame with the decorative frame with abstract style. To some extent, the picture frame is the most magic wand. It enables all abstract paintings or decorative paintings to be matched with different styles of home furnishings. There are two kinds of collocation: adaptive collocation and reverse collocation. Whether it points to home furnishings, psychological temperature, season or astronomy and geography, we can refer to these two directions.

Also, the picture and picture frame can be two different directions. And whether the picture or the frame, can be drawn out as a reference for matching. It can bring you unexpected decorative effect or artistic style. It uses textures or colors or dots or lines to radiate your thoughts or associations or feelings. What a wonderful and delicate feeling it has. Using a little more brain cells in the selection of picture frames is actually twice the result with half the effort. Therefore, in the face of abstraction or decoration, in fact, do not be afraid to be ridiculed as vassal elegance. How you feel is the most important thing. Consult experts at most.

Generally speaking, it is ok that painting has no theme, no mood but very happy, very fashionable. But is that true? Not to mention anything else, just the most extreme Abstract painting, I often watch it carefully or not, and can experience its theme or extract its emotions. But it is true that many abstract paintings belong to irrational, invisible and pure form. This is interlinked with abstract sculptures, music and devices with similar characteristics. Of course, a large number of works are semi-abstract. Whether abstract or semi-abstract, its decorative or interesting has humanistic value, especially artistic value and practical life value. Metaphysical and metaphysical, divine and dust are sometimes so inconceivably connected, as the core concepts of post-modernism point to and short-circuit each other.

Sunday, December 30, 2018

The Common Sense of Oil Painting That You Must Know

The bright and lustrous effect of oil painting dooms that the materials it needs are different from other kinds of Contemporary Art. Oil paintings use oil to blend pigments, create on canvas, cardboard or wood, and can be modified for a long time. The pigments used in Extra Large Contemporary Art are oily materials, which are different from water-based materials such as traditional Chinese paintings and watercolors. Therefore, oil should be used as a blending agent to tone the color. Its drying speed is much slower than that of propylene, traditional Chinese painting and watercolor. It takes several days to dry the surface and months to dry the interior completely.


It is for this reason that Big Contemporary Painting has such rich expressiveness and pictorial effect since the eighteenth century, with the changing times and the rise of industrialization, it has brought about continuous changes, and the changes in the basic principles of oil painting are far inferior to the use of materials and some pigments additives.

To paint a good painting, there are many basic configurations: picture carriers, drawing boards, oil pots, oil, oil paints, brushes, substrates, scrapers, picture frames, waste newspapers/toilet paper.

Oil painting as a complete system of painting, first served the family life, social life and political life of the new aristocracy after the fall of the feudal system, mainly portraits or plot portraits. The great Raphael is famous for his idealized easel portraits. This period also produced outstanding court painters, such as Holbain. Later, the theme of this painting gradually focused on mythology, religion, war, city customs, realistic mood and so on. Later, it focused on hierarchy, vocabulary and structural symbols, forming the most colorful Kingdom on the map of human civilization. The long-term prosperity of oil painting can not be separated from its material basis - the material of Modern & Contemporary Canvas Art. This must start from the material basis of the whole painting.

Giotto's Danpella undertone is painted in green, covered with "three colors" and bound with sheepskin glue. The polishing oil is very thick, boiled into half the original soft, and rubbed on the dry painting by hand.

Greco (Spain) got Van Eyck's recipe in Rome. He added a small amount of beeswax to the medium.

Raphael's technique of painting on the shelf: first, using lime as the base; second, using dark sketches under the dry base; third, applying a layer of lime while wet with green; fourth, brushing a layer of varnish after the bottom is dry, and then using a medium like Van Eyck's invention to paint, the strokes are more obvious.

Rubens's technique: the first step is to draw vivid lines; the second step is to use medium oil to tone the color; the third step is to recreate the outline with intermediate color while wet and deep, bright and thick, dark half-permeable oily base.

Rubens copied Titian's and Velasquez's paintings in his own way, and did not seek to be similar. His "one-off" painting is a pure direct painting, which means that oil colors are superimposed on wet layers. Rubens was the second master of oil painting to get rid of the bottom layer of Danpella and synchronize sketch with color. Who is the first one? As mentioned earlier, Titian. Pure oil painters like them don't like to resort to detailed sketches at all. So from the technical point of view alone, Van Eyck can only be regarded as a painter, but his "imagination and modelling ability" is far more than the general painter. In short, the concept and techniques of painters like Van Eyck should be separated, which is related to the fate of oil painting judgment.

Colo doesn't use Danpella to paint the undertone, but his technique is obviously not a one-stop, direct painting. At the same time, his techniques are extremely rich, often rely on the background color to cover, sometimes by brush dry brush brush brush brush brush to reveal the background color; sometimes it may be light dimming oil thin cover dyeing; sometimes it is just a branch or something to leave the bottom color, make it clever, everything is planned in advance that make it methodical.

Oil painting has gradually become the main way of painting in the history of painting. The main existing paintings are oil paintings. With the development of time, oil painting has gradually become a life style. I want to learn more about oil painting and have more knowledge waiting for you to discover.

Sunday, November 25, 2018

The hyperbole and irony of old Lucas kranach-extra large canvas art work

Extra large canvas art work -Born in the small German town of Franconie in 1472
In 1504, at the call of elector friedrich iii of Saxony,Oversized Canvas Art he came to wittenburg the following year to work as a court painter1553 Weimar died.
Lucas Cranach l 'ancien senior was a German Renaissance painter who painted portraits,Black and White Wall Art religious paintings, landscapes, etc.
He is also a printmaker and is good at etching prints.
The elder kranach had long served the holy spirit as elector of the Roman empire, earning fame and fortune.
Early style is reflected in the performance of the picture, relatively speaking, "bold and profound";
Mature period has the shadow of pretense, created many mythic themes of painting;
Later,Contemporary Canvas it converges: becomes fine, but appears abstract in image.EXTRA LARGE 72″ HORIZONTAL ACRYLIC PAINTING ON CANVAS

In addition, due to the large number of customers, kranach sr. had to open a workshop.Extra large canvas art work-In 1504, he was invited to wittenburg, Germany, to serve the elector of Saxony, friedrich iii.
This man was called elector of Frederick the wise, and patron and protector of durer.
At this time, the old kranach gradually abandoned the young "frivolous" style, tends to smooth, but also become more pleasing, composition is also simple and powerful.
In recognition of his skill as an elector of the Roman empire, the elder kranahl served three holy gods in his lifetime: friedrich iii, John le guenstaeden, and John friedrich I.
He became mayor in 1537 and 1540.
His characters are often exaggerated, ironic expression, the figure is not tall, the woman is particularly petite.
The hero of his portrait is always endowed with a sense of dignity and a light of wisdom.
In the paintings with characters, his composition is also very bold. Compared with the size of the painting, the proportion of the characters is "out of balance". Different from other artists, his characters occupy a large picture, justlike "giants".
Facing the audience is the Venus goddess wrapped in transparent gauze. Different from the expression of ancient Greek deities, Venus depicted by the elder kranach has a petite and exquisite body, ordinary and harmonious features andother accessories.Like his colleagues, he was influenced by Italian pretentivism. When interpreting Venus, he regarded her graceful body as a kind of beauty: the beauty of the body, as well as the moral beauty.
Porcelain skin white and bright, this time just show the essence of god, the United States is sacred, but also illusory.
Wide red hat is like the pen that nods eyeball, sublimate the beauty of Venus, inside collect and delicate and colourful;
Red is the complementary color of green, and also makes the head of Venus stand out from the background.

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Want to add a high touch to your home?

Try these "frame" tips
We can always see the existence of "frame painting" in each space, which is often used as a visual focus to adorn the space with special color.Extra large canvas artwork.
But frame painting is not just about choosing to look good, it is also closely related to many design tips, and also needs to be coordinated with various factors.
Seemingly random mix-and-match, often hidden full of careful machine.
We'll talk about these tips in this issue.

Part 1 · pay attention to coordination with the environment

In the neolithic age, decorative patterns on colored pottery, such as animal, human and geometric patterns, were the original origins of "decorative painting".
It does not need high artistic quality, so now we can see all kinds of decorative paintings in various occasions, but it pays great attention to the harmony with the environment.
Accordingly besides choose the frame that admire in the heart outside, the style of the picture wants to match with decorate and main body household style photograph even.
The adornment picture that resembles green plant kind is put in this kind of home outfit style of black and white effect can have very good adornment effect.
In addition to the correspondence with the environment, there should also be a correlation between the painting and the painting. Do not use some particularly bright colors and several completely different paintings.

Part 2· color system contrasts with the environment

To the room of white department, frame picture chooses what color department is good.
For rooms with warm and cool tones, if you want to make frame painting a visual center, you can choose paintings with opposite tones.
It is able to compare more intense on hue and purity, adjust bedroom atmosphere, make the finishing work of the space.

For instance room is warm color is moved, so the picture chooses cool color to fasten, the room that cool color moves chooses warm color to fasten frame picture.
Dark gray walls like the one below tend to appear dark and heavy, while pink is more attractive in these frames.

Look from seasonal factor, the picture is in the home adjustment temperature is very good adornment.
Winter suits warm color, summer suits cool color, spring suits green, autumn suits yellow orange, the premise that this kind of change nevertheless is the room is white or the light color that is close to white is fastened.

Part 3 · pay attention to size and focus on priority

In the case of not only a frame painting, if you just put your favorite photo on the wall in the same size, it will show a stereotyped and boring feeling, and the quantity will cause visual confusion.

You can use the size of the frame to represent the primary and secondary, and choose a favorite frame painting as the focus, which is larger than the other frames.

At the same time the dimension of the picture wants to decide according to the size of room feature and main body furniture, for instance in the sitting room, the height of the picture is in 50 to 80 centimeters advisable.

Length should be decided according to the length of metope or main body furniture, should not be less than main body furniture generally 2/3, for example sofa is long 2 meters, draw integral length should be in 1.4 meters left and right sides.

Part 4 · order in chaos, select an alignment line/Extra large canvas artwork

The picture frame of same size, according to the simplest nine palace case is placed ok.
If you use frames of different sizes and want to create a sense of order in chaos, at least have an alignment line that keeps all frames equally spaced.

Sunday, September 30, 2018

Extra Large Canvas Artwork Style Sale

The bedroom style is practical and comfy. Large windows gathered a lot of light and hot sunshine, and the atmosphere smelled light and new. A huge plain bed, with a blue backing handbag and a selection of simple modeling furniture, the entire design is friendly and gentle, making the bedroom appearance warm and extremely happy.

The Extra Large Canvas Artwork is fresh and organic, helping the kitchen in order to abandon the greasy bad impression. The usage of bright components gives people a feeling of calm and increases the sense of light transmitting in space. Pure azure, and white kitchen cupboard to match appropriately, in the particular moment you take on the particular kitchen will be depressed mood.
Fresh and basic will be the overall style of the bathroom, simple grey tone and blue jewellery decoration, for a small space to create a pure simple atmosphere. Good collage of different wall components is simple atmosphere, the combination of straight outlines and glass makes the particular space more transparent and open in order.
The Extra Large Canvas Artwork area associated with white makes the apartment show up spacious and bright. The particular blue colors of the particular series are scattered just about everywhere, like a flying elf, fluttering their flickering wings. Create a sense of silence.

White walls, white bedding, white wardrobe, and white racks, the entire space engrossed in a white comfy atmosphere, giving the bed room a clean, refreshing sensation. Light wooden ground with a blue and white bag of bedding, Create the entire bedroom peaceful and a little more affinity.

Within the overall white cooking area space, a large amount of single colors are usually too empty and slim, and the background walls uses light blue cup in a small variety to make this wall structure become the focus associated with sight. The light cup not just did not ruin the White sense of permeability, but additionally promoted the kitchen's overall light motivation.

Black cloth sofa with light gray cushion, each the effect of resistance from dirt will not allow the room feel as well dull. A simple set associated with TV cabinets, for your residing room to leave more free space, it offers a non-negligible storage perform, that is a key to building a beautiful home.